Tamkeen Real Estate Development and Contracting Company

Tamkeen was recently established, but it is a result of work since 2009 by its owners, as it worked in several governorates in Iraq in addition to foreign countries such as Ukraine.
Tamkeen Company is a contracting company that specializes in building, construction and finishing works on demand by workers, civil engineers, management , maintenance engineers and other fields. It depends on organization of the implementation of various projects and also depends on the results of market study and its requirements and the company’s absorptive capacity as well as knowledge of the market and the customers it targets as it is Determining the size of the project’s production and considering the forecast of the volume of demand and supply, Tamkeen has the ability and capacity to increase the size of the workforce to reach 500 people per day according to the project’s needs and site activities.
 Tamkeen has good relations with major companies and provincial governments who are a reference for such business.
Within a clear vision, which is to work to be among the largest national institutions in the field of productive business in Iraq Tamkeen is engaged in contracting industrial, commercial and residential projects, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects. 

Company's policy



 The company’s policy is based on the foundations of our success, which is to maintain the confidence of our customers ,which lies in  understanding and meeting customer requirements, absolute commitment with the customer, and accuracy in implementation through the stages of work.
We work with high standards which aim to satisfy our customers through high quality in the implementation of projects of any size, within this policy the company is working steadily on the path of growth and  significante contribation to the contracting business in the region.
Tamkeen has good experience in the implementation of small and large projects, modern construction and rehabilitation of projects destroyed by wars, which led to the presence of a highly qualified and experienced administrative staff. We are also proud of the multinational working human resources of engineers, administrators, technicians and highly qualified and specialized workers.